August 18, 2017

Ashley Bressingham, 27
“Too much pressure to be successful. Teens need to work hard so they can succeed in life and a lot of things get in the way, like technology and the need to have good grades for college. Kids these days don’t have fun enough.”

Josh M., 34
“Think the biggest problem teens face is self discipline and distraction by everything, including technology”.

Rachael Nevins, 44
“Climate change. I’m afraid the future for my kids (not yet teens) won’t be as abundant.”

Estelle Tsantes, 74
“Teenagers use too much technology and too little personal interaction. They call or text each other and they would be standing next to each other! I also think immigrants and people of color face discrimination.”

Anna S., 23
“The school system: the classes are too big, not very visual for students. Students do not get individual attention.”

Justin D., 37
“The old man answer…there’s too much technology, I did not grow up that way. There is consistent connection now and no privacy.”