February 1, 2020

Election day has come and gone, and with it came a few different changes to the system. The first of these changes is early voting. This was a plan put into motion by Cuomo that included nine days of early voting to ensure that personal conflicts did not affect the ballots. In other words, people had nine new days to come out and vote. This also served as a tool to cut down on wait times at voting locations. 

Park Slope resident, Emma Ranheim, stated that she was, “Very happy with the new system.” She cited that in a time where voter turnout is of the utmost importance we need to “take all necessary precautions to ensure the validity of our elections.” 

In addition to early voting there were some other changes to the voting process. One of these was the use of rank based system of voting. This is meant to cut down on split votes and runoff elections. 

The police oversight board was also strengthened within revisions to the city charter. This means that, now, the board has expanded power in investigating and prosecuting police officers suspected of lying.

Other results from New York City’s election day include the election of Joseph Borelli amd Jumaane Williams.