February 1, 2020

With the holiday season upon us, it’s a stressful time trying to find gifts for everyone without breaking the bank.


This gift can be found in many everyday retailers and the smaller versions go for around $5 -$10. Many pop culture shows have plush toys of fan-favorite characters and could easily be personalized. You can also support smaller content makers by buying from Etsy and Amazon. Share the holiday spirit!

Tabletop Games 

A fun way to connect with friends, these games could be bought without breaking the bank. You could stick with the classics like Monopoly or Candy Land, or you could branch out and try Plague. Either way, there’s a game for everyone this year.


Due to the holiday season, many movies are on sale. Finding a person’s favorite movie or one they weren’t able to catch in the movie theater is a nice way to bring the holiday season to any home.


With every great movie comes a stellar soundtrack. Along with getting your friend or family member their favorite movie, why not get them their favorite soundtrack to? So they can keep the good vibes all year round.


With the new year quickly approaching, a new planner is in order. Why not gift one to a friend for the holiday season? It could help them keep track of all the events of the new year—including their resolutions. 


With the holiday season also comes the cold. Why not protect your friend with some gloves? They range from all different styles and colors and are sure to come in handy in the upcoming winter.


For your beauty influencer in your life, why not get them their favorite makeup brands? While many in Sephora retail for over $20, there are small indie brands like Colourpop that are committed to giving quality makeup without breaking the bank.

Personalized Recipe Jar 

If you know someone who loves to cook or bake, why not make them a jar of recipes. This could be recipes passed down through your family or ones you’ve stumbled upon while watching YouTube. The possibilities are endless.

Personalized Playlist & Home Cooked Meals

All you need for this gift is your phone and a music streaming platform. Why not whip up a playlist of your favorite songs for a friend, and to top it all off, invite them over for a dance party! 

Gift Cards

If the other ideas haven’t worked for you, why not let them choose their gift by themselves. Gift cards to people’s favorite retail stores like Target, Amazon and more are sure to put them in a happy mood.