February 1, 2020

By Callie Lovekin and All Photos taken by Callie Lovekin

House on Ditmas Park/ Callie Lovekin

Every year in this neighborhood around Halloween time, the houses go all out for decorating. It’s one of the best parts of fall for Ditmas Park and everyone loves to see it. So, here are some of the best halloween decorations in the neighborhood.

House on Albermarle Road/ Callie Lovekin

This house seen above is on Albemarle Road, and they really go all out. From skeletons hanging from windows, dolls on moving swings, talking ghosts, to a graveyard in the front lawn, they have all the decorations imaginable. In front of the house, there are always many families taking pictures of the incredible house.

So, hopefully everyone’s halloween is amazing and if you are going trick-or treating, definitely be sure to go to some of these houses. Happy Halloween!