February 1, 2020

Throughout most of our lives, Thanksgiving was always a holiday that was usually promoted by many schools, ads and posters indicating the time period for an event that was meant to be celebrated. 

Although people with different cultures may not partake in it, this served as a good break from school, work, and other activities to provide time for you and the family to come together and have a break from all that is going on in your daily lives. While this may be true, over the years and especially now since it is so late in the month, the holiday doesn’t seem to receive the same amount of shine and care it used to have from the past and is getting heavily overlooked by the more superior holiday, Christmas. 

As of now,  many houses are already seen to be filled with Christmas decorations and even some institutions seem to skip the holiday entirely when the month is not a week from being over. The reason(s) for this lack of care—maybe there isn’t enough money to buy the many accommodations needed to host the feast. Perhaps no food being made in the household.  Or, simply, everyone who does celebrate it continues to do so but is immediately focused on the next big thing. 

Whatever the reason may be, one important point we must not forget for this year and the years after that this is a great opportunity to get hot food and—let’s be honest—free food. Hopefully, this may bring more attention to holiday and allow for Thanksgiving to not be as slept-on as it was this year.