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Gift Ideas Without Breaking the Bank

With the holiday season upon us, it’s a stressful time trying to find gifts for everyone without breaking the bank. Plushies  This gift can be found in many everyday retailers and the smaller versions go for around $5 -$10. Many pop culture shows have plush toys of fan-favorite characters and could easily be personalized. You […]

Halloween Movie Watch List

With Halloween rapidly approaching, the easiest ways to get into the spirit is to cozy up with a bunch of friends with the lights off. Watching these horror movies is sure to get you into the spooky spirit.  “Monster House” A Halloween movie that might have fallen under your radar as the years passed, this […]

“Slapped in the Face by Stress’: Students Under Pressure

  From 8 to approximately 4:30 many students leave the safety of their homes to travel to school, taking with them backpacks that weigh about 40 pounds, nearly as much as an average packed suitcase. They wait outside for transit if they don’t have rides to get to school and are met in class by the […]