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Segregation in NYC Schools

Even though legal segregation in schools was abolished almost 70 years ago, many students say that New York City schools still look very similar to how they did in the 1950s. Most schools in the city do not have very diverse student bodies. Additionally, New Yorkers say that there is great disparity between upper-class schools […]

Why Halloween Needs to Stay When It Is

Today we think of Halloween as a fun, sugar-filled holiday at the end of October. On Halloween, one can find American classrooms full to the brim with complaints about how this spooky holiday has to be interrupted by a regular school day. This fact can most likely be attributed to the fact that the majority […]

Start of a Movement? School Mindfulness Center Seeks to Ease Stress

Last year, Brooklyn College Academy High School (BCA) on Coney Island Avenue launched one of the first Mindfulness Centers in Brooklyn. With the help of grants from parents and community organizations, this installation at the quaint Ditmas Park high school has flourished and brought peace to a stressful school year. This center is a space, […]