Posts By: Stephen Lynch
A Revolution in New Year’s Resolution

Imagine this: You’re watching TV. You have your hat on that says 2020 and you are waiting impatiently for the new year to begin. A few moments pass and you hear everyone around you counting down: 5,4,3,2,1 … Happy New Year!  You’re elated to be in the new year, but you can’t help but think […]

Christmas Spirit is More Than Just Santa

New York City brings a different holiday experience from most places. From the Christmas Tree in Rockefeller Center to the lit-up Christmas lights decorating the streetlamps, New Yorkers can experience something unlike anything else. When walking down the streets the slushes from the half-melted snow and the rings of the Salvation Army bells are heard. […]

Orange and Black Beacon of Hope

“It’s not typical of New Yorkers to be so festive and nice,” said Virginia Waters, the organizer of the west Midwood Halloween parade. New Yorkers are generally not the nicest people. Someone asks you for directions and they keep walking their way. Maybe a homeless person asks for a dollar or some food, and people […]

“Slapped in the Face by Stress’: Students Under Pressure

  From 8 to approximately 4:30 many students leave the safety of their homes to travel to school, taking with them backpacks that weigh about 40 pounds, nearly as much as an average packed suitcase. They wait outside for transit if they don’t have rides to get to school and are met in class by the […]