Why Halloween Needs to Stay When It Is

Today we think of Halloween as a fun, sugar-filled holiday at the end of October. On Halloween, one can find American classrooms full to the brim with complaints about how this spooky holiday has to be interrupted by a regular school day. This fact can most likely be attributed to the fact that the majority […]

Why Halloween Should Be the Last Saturday of October and Not the 31st

October 1 is now officially the start of “spooky season”. The excitement around Halloween happens every year, by people of all ages — unless you find out it’s in the middle of the week.  Everyone’s plans now have to be rearranged around their daily weekday schedules and wanting to celebrate this iconic holiday. Unlike other […]

Orange and Black Beacon of Hope

“It’s not typical of New Yorkers to be so festive and nice,” said Virginia Waters, the organizer of the west Midwood Halloween parade. New Yorkers are generally not the nicest people. Someone asks you for directions and they keep walking their way. Maybe a homeless person asks for a dollar or some food, and people […]

Halloween Movie Watch List

With Halloween rapidly approaching, the easiest ways to get into the spirit is to cozy up with a bunch of friends with the lights off. Watching these horror movies is sure to get you into the spooky spirit.  “Monster House” A Halloween movie that might have fallen under your radar as the years passed, this […]

Reasons for Halloween Oppositions

Charlie Donahue: “Halloween before used to be an event for the kids but in the last 30 years it has become a more violent, dangerous and demon oriented day as well as an excuse to party” Jelani Sealey: “It is annoying having people come to my door and ask for candy” Employee at Super Deli […]

Start of a Movement? School Mindfulness Center Seeks to Ease Stress

Last year, Brooklyn College Academy High School (BCA) on Coney Island Avenue launched one of the first Mindfulness Centers in Brooklyn. With the help of grants from parents and community organizations, this installation at the quaint Ditmas Park high school has flourished and brought peace to a stressful school year. This center is a space, […]

Summer is Concert Season

S By Callie Lovekin If you’re like most people over the summer and are bored with nothing to do, going to see a concert with a group of friends (or by yourself) may be the perfect thing  to do. Some of the best music festivals and concerts are happening this summer, so if you love […]