Election Day Recap

Election day has come and gone, and with it came a few different changes to the system. The first of these changes is early voting. This was a plan put into motion by Cuomo that included nine days of early voting to ensure that personal conflicts did not affect the ballots. In other words, people […]

College Hoops

College hoops is back in full force, with it has come some intriguing storylines. The first of which deals with the Duke Blue Devils. You may remember them last year having three NBA lottery draft picks, one of which being the legendary Zion Williamson. This year, however, they have been less fortunate. At the time […]

A Revolution in New Year’s Resolution

Imagine this: You’re watching TV. You have your hat on that says 2020 and you are waiting impatiently for the new year to begin. A few moments pass and you hear everyone around you counting down: 5,4,3,2,1 … Happy New Year!  You’re elated to be in the new year, but you can’t help but think […]

Gift Ideas Without Breaking the Bank

With the holiday season upon us, it’s a stressful time trying to find gifts for everyone without breaking the bank. Plushies  This gift can be found in many everyday retailers and the smaller versions go for around $5 -$10. Many pop culture shows have plush toys of fan-favorite characters and could easily be personalized. You […]

Christmas Spirit is More Than Just Santa

New York City brings a different holiday experience from most places. From the Christmas Tree in Rockefeller Center to the lit-up Christmas lights decorating the streetlamps, New Yorkers can experience something unlike anything else. When walking down the streets the slushes from the half-melted snow and the rings of the Salvation Army bells are heard. […]

Holiday Charity Events

By Callie Lovekin Ah, the holiday season. It’s a great time to give gifts, receive gifts, and spread joy all around. As we celebrate and enjoy the season, it’s important to think of children and adults who aren’t as fortunate as some of us. So, if you’d like to donate to others, here are some […]

Why is Thanksgiving Overlooked?

Throughout most of our lives, Thanksgiving was always a holiday that was usually promoted by many schools, ads and posters indicating the time period for an event that was meant to be celebrated.  Although people with different cultures may not partake in it, this served as a good break from school, work, and other activities […]

NBA Preview

Fall is here, and with it comes the rejoicing of basketball fans everywhere. The N.B.A. season is just around the corner and there are some things that all fans should be made aware of. First, over the summer, almost half of the league’s players found themselves on a new team, whether by a free agency […]

Segregation in NYC Schools

Even though legal segregation in schools was abolished almost 70 years ago, many students say that New York City schools still look very similar to how they did in the 1950s. Most schools in the city do not have very diverse student bodies. Additionally, New Yorkers say that there is great disparity between upper-class schools […]